Restaurants Book 2014 – 2016  (Book sales have completed but you may still finish your book and send it in for the award)

Walk events that have American, Asian, European and Mexican Restaurants  for a total of 28 events.  The completed book qualifies for the 5” x 5” patch in full color.

To qualify for one of these categories an event route must go by:

  1. American Restaurant
  2. Asian Restaurant
  3. Europan Restaurant
  4. Mexican Restaurant

  • A given event may only be stamped under one category even if it is designated for several.  You may count a given event again in the same category only if you complete the event in a different year.
  • All types of volkssporting events count as long as you pay for IVV credit for the event.  Insert cards may be used but no write-ins.
  • When you finish an event, stamp your Restaurant Challenge book along with your regular IVV Event and Distance books and any other ESVA or AVA challenge books that qualify.
  • The $10 cost of the book includes your book, postage and your patch award.  The cost is paid up front when you order your book.  The patch award will be sent to you when you mail in the completed book.  No refunds will be given.
  • Qualifying challenges will be noted in club brochures, the NW Pathfinder, walk listings, event finish tables, YRE directions/notebooks and this webpage.

For more information about the Restaurant challenge

contact:  Dick Baker
Click Here for List of events for this challenge.
Completed books should be mailed to:
Dick Baker
WSC-Restaurant Challenge
2216 NE 110th St
Vancouver, WA 98686