Womb To Tomb

Womb to Tomb Book 2015 – 2017

This book challenges you to complete 6 IVV sanctioned regular or year-round/seasonal events that passes by a qualifier in each of the four categories for a total of 24 events.

  1. BIRTH: hospitals, birthing centers
  2. SCHOOL: kindergarten through 12th grade (current schools, only)
  3. VOWS (marriage vows):  churches, courthouses, city halls
  4. DEATH: funeral homes, cemeteries, mausoleums

The completed book qualifies for the 5” circular patch in full color.

  1. The Washington State Challenge – Womb to Tomb special program starts January 1, 2015, and ends December 31, 2017; however, you may complete and return the book after the last sale date.  Patches for books received past the end date will be sent as long as they are available. No refunds.
  2. Complete 24 AVA sanctioned events where the route goes by a qualifying site. As you complete AVA events, place the IVV certification stamp in the slot that corresponds to the category requirement which the event fulfills.  Only one category allowed per event.  No duplicate stamps.  Events walked in OR, ID & AK are allowed.  You must pay for credit, and complete and carry a start card.
  3. You MUST complete at least 2 qualifying walks OUT OF YOUR OWN AREA (defined as western, central, & eastern WA—see map on ESVA website for details).  Out-of-state walkers must walk at least 2 events in Washington State to fulfill this requirement.  All walkers must indicate the 2 out-of-area walks with a star or checkmark. 
  4. Cost of the book is $10, including tax. The award is a 100% embroidered, 5” round patch, as shown on the front cover.

Map for western. central and eastern region

For more information about the Womb to Tomb challenge

Sharon Fisher, sfisher@fidalgo.net

ESVA,  10kwalk@comcast.net

List of Womb to Tomb Challenge Events

Completed books should be mailed to:

Sharon Fisher
WSCC – W2T Challenge
1701 36th St
Anacortes, WA 98221