Winthrop Event Online Registration!!

An online registration fee of $2.00 or $2.40 will be added to dinner purchases to cover the cost of paypal/credit card processing.

Take a Break from the Ordinary!!!
Winthrop, WA • Sept 29 – Oct 1, 2017 Registration Form One form per person. Please go to the 'Pre-registered' table at the event.

NOTE: You may either select individual events OR take advantage of the *SPECIAL OFFER* which includes all seven events AND dinner!

Please do not select both these options.


Select individual events OR scroll down to the *SPECIAL OFFER* which includes all events and the dinner!

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Includes all events and the dinner!!!

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Two dollars is added to the dinner price to cover Paypal processing fee.

Two dollars and 40 cents is added to the SPECIAL OFFER  to cover Paypal processing fee.