1.  Whisky-Vino-Brew begins January 1, 2018, ends December 31, 2020, for credit walkers, with an extra year to complete the challenge.

2. 7 walks in each category, total = 21.

3. Must complete 2 walks OUT OF OWN AREA. Map on website.

4. Qualifying entries: walks that pass by a qualifying facility (not viewed from across the street, river, etc).

5. Qualifying facility: must be an active, spirit producing location. Exception: for wineries, may use tasting room as qualifying entry, as vineyards are too far out of the way. Generally, Breweries and Distilleries produce on site.

6. Qualifying walks may be repeated once per year. 1. Usually, we don’t allow for repeats, though with the distilleries, it may be needed. Even though there are plenty of distilleries, they may not be along club’s walks.

7. Cost $10, includes tax. 100% embroidered patch, 4.5” x 3.5”. 8.

POC: Diane Hildebrand