On the Road Again


New Program: On the Road again begins Jan 1,2022 and ends Jan 1, 2024

There are three categories in this challenge:

1. Multi-Day Events:The participants can take a stamp for any walk that is offered as part of a Multi-Day event. You can take multiple stamps for doing more than one walk during a Multi-Day event, but you can only use each separate walk in the event one time per year.

2. Holiday/Traditional or Festival Events: The participants can take a stamp for any walk that is offered as a Holiday/Traditional or Festival event. Only one stamp per walk per year will count.

3. “New to Me” Events: The participants can take a stamp for any non-YRE walk that is a walk they have never done before. The walk itself does not have to be a new walk, but it must be a walk you personally have never done before. This one is strictly on the “honor system”.


  • The Washington State Challenge – “On the Road Again” special program starts January 1, 2022, and ends December 31, 2025; however, you may complete and return the book within two years after the last sale date. Patches for books received past the end date will be sent as long as they are available. No refunds.
  • Complete 15 AVA sanctioned events where the walk meets the correct criteria. As you complete AVA events, place the IVV certification stamp in the slot that corresponds to the category requirement which the event fulfills and then fill in the qualifier. You may use the same walk once per year. Events walked in WA, OR, ID & AK are allowed. You must pay for credit, register for the walk and sign the waiver form.
  • You are encouraged to complete qualifying walks out of your own area (defined as western, central, & eastern WA—see map on ESVA website for details)
  • The award is a 100% embroidered, 4” patch, as shown on the front cover.

PURCHASE:  Available at Traditional Events through Jan 1, 2022 then ordering online will be possible.

Order: http://www.esva.online/challenges/

When completed, mail to:  POC
Irene Stanford
25320 SE 184th St
Maple Valley, WA  98038

e-mail: irenestanford@msn.com