Frontline Heroes

Book Sales for this program start in May of 2021. Book cost is $10.

ESVA Challenge Program – Starts July 1, 2021 continuing through Dec 2023

Washington State  Challenge – Frontline heroes starts July 1, 2021 and ends December 31, 2024. Patches for books received past the end date will be sent as long as they are available. No refunds. Complete 7 walks in each of 4 catetgories (28 total) 

Frontline Heroes

MEDICAL FACILITIES (Hospitals, Medical and Dental offices, pharmacies)

DELIVERY SERVICES (Post Offices, UPS Stores, FEDEX Stores, Amazon Delivery Lockers)

SUSTENANCE PROVIDERS (Grocery Stores, Food Banks, Farmers Markets, Restaurants)

ESSENTIAL SERVICES (Police Stations, Fire Stations, Banks, Gas Stations, Utilities)