Washington State Challenge Program
The goal of Washington State Challenges is to encourage participation in events in new areas in Washington State in fun and interesting ways.

The Washington State Challenge program provides opportunities for walkers to learn more about their state through purchasing books focused on various themes. Click on the book name to locate information and walk lists.

  • 39 Counties 2nd Edition — begins January 1, 2013 and ongoing, $10 tax included
  • Whisky-Vino-Brew  2018-2020  $10, Tax Included   Available 12/2017
  • Historic Train Stations  2019-2021  $10 Tax Included Available 11/2018

Click here for the Washington State Challenge Books Order Form.

Purchase books online for:   
Historic Train Stations
39 Counties 2nd Edition



Completed books may be turned in past the deadline unless specified, and patches will be distributed until they are gone. Click here for information on where to send completed books for challenges which are no longer active. (PDF)

For more information about the Washington State Challenge Program
contact:   Chair:  Lynn Blazek