Thirty-nine Counties

39-counties39 Counties Book Second Edition

The 39 Counties program, second edition, started in 2013 and is ongoing. It challenges you to complete a volkswalk or other volkssport event in each of the 39 counties of Washington State. The event must actually pass through the county. Each county will have a walk event available at least once every 2 years.

The 2nd Edition challenge is not retroactive.  Only events dated 2013 or later may be used.

  1. Download a form to use at no cost, then send in the completed form and $10 to get the patch.  Click here for the form in PDF format.
  • Traditional (regular) events, YREs or seasonals all count, including bikes, cross-country skis, swims or other volkssport events, as long as the event has an official event number (whatever is on the stamp.)
  • You must register for each event you do and pay for credit for the event.
  • When you finish a walk or other volkssport event, write in the date, event name and stamp number in your 39 Counties 2nd Edition form or book, or stamp your 2nd Edition book.

Rev 1/2024

Click here to download a list of events in each of the 39 Counties.

For more information about the 39 Counties challenge,
contact Dick Baker

Completed books or forms and payment should be mailed to: 
Dick Baker
WA State 39 Counties Challenge
2216 NE 110th St
Vancouver, WA. 98686