Whisky-Vino-Brew Challenge   2018-2020  (You will have a year after 2020 to complete books)

  1. Complete 21 AVA sanctioned events (7 in each category) where the route goes by a qualifying site. As you complete AVA events, place IVV certification stamp in slot that corresponds to the category and write in qualifier.  Only one category allowed per event.  Events walked in OR, ID & AK are allowed.  Walks may be repeated once per year.  You must pay for credit, and complete and carry a start card.
  2. You MUST complete at least 2 qualifying walks OUT OF YOUR OWN AREA (defined as western, central, & eastern WA—see map on ESVA website for details). Out-of-state walkers must walk at least 2 events in Washington State to fulfill this requirement.  Indicate the 2 out-of-area walks with a star or checkmark.
  3. Cost $10, including tax. The award is a 100% embroidered, 4.5” x 3.5” patch, as shown on the front cover.
  4. When completed watch this space for where to send.  For information contact ESVA  10kwalk@comcast.net

PURCHASE:  http://www.esva.online/challenges/



Qualifying entries:  walks that pass by a qualifying facility (not viewed from across the street, river, etc).

Qualifying facility: must be spirit producing location.  Exception: for wineries, may use tasting room as qualifying entry, as vineyards are too far out of the way.  Generally, breweries and distilleries produce on site.

Qualifying walks may be repeated once per year.

Facilities need to be active.  No historical sites.