What are Volkssports?

What are Volkssports?

 Volkssporting is a family-oriented sports and recreation program open to all, that promotes physical fitness and good health.  Volkssport events are non-competitive walks, hikes, bike rides or swims and in some areas cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.
There are lots of reasons to walk.  See the videos on Everybodywalk

Volkssporting takes place throughout the year in all fifty states through the efforts of over 350 active local clubs, affiliated with the American Volkssport Association through the IVV (International Volkssportverband).  Over 30 countries around the world are also part of this international organization.

In Washington, walking – also called Volkswalking or Volksmarching – is the most popular Volkssport activity.  Local clubs, members of the Evergreen State Volkssport Association (ESVA), offer a variety of 5km (3.1mile), 10km (6.2 miles) and some longer walks or day hikes, as well as occasional 25k or longer bike rides.

Volkspport events (regular and seasonal/year round) are noncompetitive and walkers choose their own distance and pace.    Participants are not required to join anything.  Just show up and enjoy our events.  Whether you choose traditional (regular) staffed events or self-guided walks or bikes (seasonal and year round events), you’re bound to find events that suit you.

If you like to keep track of your participation, the IVV’s lifetime achievement award program may be for you.  The New Walker program can get you started.